Punekar’s heart beats on Dhol Tasha

A couple of years ago a Puneri friend said she can’t miss Ganpati visarjan in Pune at any cost. I wondered what is so special in Pune Ganapti utsav. I had already witnessed the enthusiasm of cities like Mumbai and Indore but then, I got a chance this year to visit the festivities. The city is transformed into something else during the festival. There are many ingredients to perfect Punekar’s Ganesh utsav, but the key ingredient is dhol tasha. These pathaks practice several days before the festival. Each one of them want to perform their 100% be it a lady, a man, a child, an educated, an uneducated… everybody puts so much effort and when one listens to it, he can keep on listening to it forever. I felt as if I was meditating. As if it was just me, the dhol beats and Bappa. “Ganpati Bappa Moraya”


Author: Rutuja

I am Rutuja from India. I love to travel so please let me know if you come across any nice place.

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