Paris: the city of art, Museums, fashion and love

IMG_0137When we decided to take a break in Paris on our way to US this May, we prepared a long to-do list for my first trip to Paris. We had 4 days there. It was quite inferential that we won’t be able to see all listed places and decided to just go with the flow. We had booked hotel near Gare de l’Est. If you plan to use public transport, then staying in vicinity of a metro station can save lot of time. We reached in the evening, checked into the hotel and went for a small walk before dinner. It was raining and quite cold outside. Nice weather and good food gave a warm welcome to the city of art, museum, fashion, culture, love and whatever you want to call. This city is like a charismatic lady with a great style. Everything looks so perfect that you don’t like to take off your eyes.

We started from Sacre Coeur as most Museums were closed on our first day owing to Labour Day. We walked most of the day and got the flavor of the city. Alas… What style and glamour the city has. I strongly believe that to get the true flavor of the city, you must walk on the streets. And here we are Champs Elysees. What a lovely place. So vibrant yet so formal. You get sunlight till very late in evening. It might go up to 9 PM. we were quite hungry by that time, and looking for some vegetarian food was a big task, as French apparently do not opt for vegetarian meals. Well… I and my husband both eat eggs, so if we did not get good veggie option, we asked for eggs.

Champs Elysees

Next day we started with masala dosa at Sarvanna Bhavan near Gare du Nord. And we geared up to get Paris Pass which we had booked in advance and put it to full use. We also get 2 days metro pass and Museum pass along with Paris pass. This gives you free entry to many Museums and attractions with in the city. To be precise… after getting Paris pass, we paid entry fee only at Eiffel tower, all other entries were free including river cruise… although there are long queues at every museum/ attraction for pass holders as well. But I recommend a Paris pass, if you are planning to visit many attractions in Paris in 3-4 days. It’s a good deal.

For next two days we used the free metro pass and museum pass and visited many of the attractions. And last day we went to palace of Versailles. The palace is very huge and beautiful. Not just the architecture and art work of the palace makes it special but its vast garden are jaw dropping too.

At the end of the four day trip I had many photographs, a caricature, souvenir, chocolates with me… But the most important are the memories, that perfect city layout from the top of Eiffel tower, the evening spent at champ de mars, the Mona Lisa painting , the Mummy at the Louvre’s, perfectly preserved paintings, artifacts, and other objects of historical or cultural significance in different museums can never be erased from my memory. I can only try but can never express my experience of city called Paris. To me its city of perfection.

Picture taken from top of Eiffel Tower (Paris is ready to Host Olympics in 2024).


Author: Rutuja

I am Rutuja from India. I love to travel so please let me know if you come across any nice place.

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