In nature’s lap


Away from urban lifestyle, without any pollution, only smelling soil and trees, only hearing birds,  feeling the calmness of the chilly breeze, experiencing every breathe, the nature gives a wonderful treat.  The peacefulness of the nature reflects in smiles, gestures and in life. We start living life. I am experiencing the same thing here right now. Mountains have always attracted me. This time on my solo trip to Dhauladher mountain ranges, I decided not to do anything that spoils nature not eating packet food, carrying water with me always so that I do not buy any bottled water, drinking coffee/ tea in mugs or glasses.  and trying to walk all around the hill station. I find myself more close to the nature this way. A calm afternoon at a small cafe sipping tea or coffee on the mountains  watching people, children, monks around with out making any conclusion about life is a retreat by itself.

I never thought that seating quite close to a waterfall can make mind so quite. Watching snails move could make heart so happy.

Yoga and trek are adding more life to this trip. The mind is more peaceful and free.


Author: Rutuja

I am Rutuja from India. I love to travel so please let me know if you come across any nice place.

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