A thought on Equality

On the occasion of 109th international women’s day, I wish all lovely ladies, a very happy Women’s day. I am sure you enjoyed the day.

Today. We are living in a world where many girl children are abandoned, very few get opportunities for education, every other day we hear news about sexual harassment or domestic violence and many are deprived of basic health and hygiene. If the woman is educated and independent, still she suffers for lack of safe working environment and fights for equal pay and opportunities.

There are many mind blocks put sometimes by society and at times by woman herself. There is an endless debate on the role of a woman and her ‘code of conduct’ in the society. Today each one of us is so opinionated about men and women that we naturally say or act in particular way.

But did we have such discrimination all along our thousands of years of history? I don’t think so… In ancient India Women were taught war skills, political skills, they explored and studied Vedas and Upanishads same way as men did. They also had authority to choose their partner, they had ‘swayamvar’. We worship Godesses and celebrate them. Depiction of Saraswati for knowledge, Lakshmi for wealth, Durga for Power, Mahishasur mardini for justice are the evidences that women had a lot of respect in ancient India. Nauvari sarees are proofs that women fought war or at least knew war skills.

There are many socio-political events and invasions that changed Indian culture. And in many aspects, what we call Indian culture is not actually “the Indian culture”. I do not intend to get into history but want to make a point that its time we get back to our basics.

I do not believe that role of a mother is superior to that of a father, sacrifice by a sister is bigger than that of a brother or home maker is a wife and not a husband. But I believe, and each one of us should believe, that life is same for everyone so everyone should get equal opportunity to live it to fullest.

Author: Rutuja

I am Rutuja from India. I love to travel so please let me know if you come across any nice place.

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