The Hometown


To me Indore… is synonymous to hometown, parents, childhood. It reminds me of the mischiefs that me and my partner in crime (my brother) did.  Its streets remind me of every moments I spent with my friends. Its markets remind me of tenacity to buy something. Whenever I told someone that I am basically an Indori, the first reaction I got was oh… its famous for food right? And I always nodded proudly. And always added Indore’s Market and city’s culture to it. But my city is changing now. It’s making the nation proud. It has got a new identity… “The cleanest City of India”.

Swach Bharat abhiyan (cleanliness drive) was launched in year 2014 and Indore City was declared as the cleanest City in India’s first swachchata sarvekshan (Survey) in 2017 and I am confident that the city will make it this year too. The way, Municipal Government is driving, is . However, It’s the spirit of Indore Citizen that helped city achieved what it has achieved. People are so involved in act that in my every visit some or the other person asks “do you find the city cleaner?” and when I answer positively, I can see the pride and satisfaction on their face clearly. This taught me few thing. Firstly, if you want to drive something from the roots, the sense of belonging in everyone is must. Secondly, you must seek for continuous improvement. And lastly, its people who drive the change. I see the change in mindset. Even if somebody throws something on the road by mistake, other person will pick it and drop in the designated bin. When citizens get it in them, the governance becomes easier. Yes… My hometown is changing and I am loving it.


Author: Rutuja

I am Rutuja from India. I love to travel so please let me know if you come across any nice place.

7 thoughts on “The Hometown”

  1. Yes Indore is changing It is due to the active participation of general public and their awareness about the cleanliness.we need to appreciate the great work done by all staff members of Indore Municipal Corporation and number of NGOs involved in this drive

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  2. Nostalgic of recent visit to my hometown is running in mind…, all childhood memories of hometown is flashing back….would love to visit Indore after reading this.


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