Indore…. A paradise for food Tourism


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Today on the occasion of 73rd Independence day, at Lal quila, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke about a very interesting thing “tourism”. In last few years, there has been a significant rise in Indians planning international holidays. A well-traveled citizen can contribute same to the society if not more than a well-educated citizen. If we refer to history, travel was an integral part of the scientist, philosophers, and socialists. They travelled and brought the best out of the world in their countries. But to do so, it is very important that we know our country first, we know the best practices in our country, we should know the best part of our culture, our traditions, our history and of course food.

We all know that India is a country where every 50 miles, the climate, language, tradition and eating habits change. A simple question comes to mind that if Indore has to attract tourists, what it could be? What is USP? and within a second the answer comes: “The Food”. Food and Love bind people across the globe and we are blessed that Indore is full of love and filled with foodie people. Not the entire country, but after travelling almost all major cities of India, I can say that the kind of variety of food that we Indories have, no one else in this country has. We have a sense of pride for our city, where ever we go, each Indori carries that. And food is one thing that binds all Indories across the globe.

A lot of people are passionate about specific tourisms, like mountaineering, biking, hiking, beach holidays, camping, star gazing, jungle safari and many more. Then why not we initiate for food tourism. A tourism in which you try different cuisines. We should look at Indore as paradise for food tourism. In India, People are crazy for our food particularly the Chappan dukan and Sarafa night food stalls. The taste of JoshiJi’s dahi wada and Johny hotdog is unmatched. Khopra patice from Vijay chat house is a must try and a true idori’s heart lies there. Many of us are fan of Sapna Sandwich since college days. Of course I need not mention the all time favourite poha jalebi.  I see foodies from across the globe coming in and having best of their eating experience for food. If any city in India can initiate food tourism, then it essentially has to be Indore.

Food tourism will definitely add more tourist coming to Indore, Indore can have making and cooking experience centers for tourist. During a visit to Cambridge, one person asked me about the recipe of papad. People are very determined to try making Indian recipes as it takes efforts to make. Making some Indian dish gives them a sense of achievement. Having experience centers for making the Indori snacks and visits to various innovative food zones will compel foodies across the globe to come over. Tourism improves economy of the place. More people coming from outside compel the governments to put infrastructure. Indore citizens have proven their determination in Swachh Bharat Mission not just one time but every time. Indori wants to improve, get better out of the best. A clean environment and good food is the best combination for relaxed food travel destination. I am convinced that we together can achieve this. What about you? Shall we make Indore… a paradise for foodie?

Author: Rutuja

I am Rutuja from India. I love to travel so please let me know if you come across any nice place.

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